Fitness walking common errors


Usually with different views, people always feel better weight-bearing walking with too much stuff, walking will slow down, but also probably because of shoulder and arm injuries overburdened. If you need to take the weight, the best method is to use a backpack. Moreover, we must carry drinking water, according to Stan said: “Few people walk complements enough water.” “The reason a lot of walking wounded is very simple, is that they go straight enough” and people walking most likely to commit. posture errors include two types: bow, or head up too high causes the body back. Both postures may cause the body to lose balance, so that the bottom of the back muscles subjected to excessive pressure, which may strain and pain. Correct the way: Do not look up or down, straight ahead, keeping the neck and body in a straight line. Pay more attention to their body posture when walking, timely action to correct the error. Walk away too much, too much pace, floor stomping, which are common to walk in the body loose phenomenon. Contrary to conventional walking people, not only will affect the speed, but may lead to shin inflammation and soreness. Corrective way: Keep the arms close to the body, the Assembly wasting too much energy arm magnitude. Best mode rejection arm bent 90 degrees to keep the arms, elbows closely aligns the body, swing forward and backward. At the same time, your feet should stride forward in unity and maintain a normal distance, the pace is too big or too small will affect the speed. Measuring normal stride is simple, straighten your leg, heel touching the ground close to the ground but then leaned forward, then forefoot landing heel position is reasonable under normal circumstances you stride. As for the landing should be a little lighter, heavy stepping forward only supposed to be a waste of energy. Everyone knows exercise more fun, the better the truth, but experts point out that many people are too lazy to plan routes. “Many walkers do not want to keep walking route planned fun, they always go down the same road, and then feel boring.” Change the scene, take a different path, and occasionally try climbing. During the walk you can try speed, such as speed walking for 30 seconds, then relax 90 seconds; or walk longer distances, so you can further challenge the personal fitness, but experts recommend a weekly maximum walking distance is only suitable for a 5% increase. And, occasionally should rest a couple of days to avoid fatigue.


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