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What is the reason often feel fatigue

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Many studies have found that levels of iron, vitamin B12 is low will make people feel tired, anxiety and weakness. Vitamin D deficiency may cause muscle weakness and pain. Especially in the female reproductive age, the higher the likelihood that they suffer from iron deficiency anemia, fatigue more easily. Solution: Verify that the lack of certain vitamins or minerals is simple, that is to let the doctor give you a single laboratory blood tests. In order to increase vitamin and mineral reserves, you can consider taking vitamin tablets to make up for inadequate dietary intake. Recommended adult daily supplement of 1000-2000 IU of vitamin D. The body responsible for the secretion of adrenaline and adrenal glucocorticoids, when the body is under pressure, it will be rushing the release of two hormones. When people always feel stressed, the adrenal glands working hours will be extended into a state of fatigue, a condition called “adrenal fatigue.” Glucocorticoid secretion during the day will lead to decreased energy, and in turn disrupt the normal surge in the night during sleep. Solution: In order to allow the adrenal glands to get better rest, experts recommend people to meditation exercise, it allows the body into a neutral state, temporarily delaying glucocorticoid production. Find a quiet place to sit, eyes closed, meditate for 5 minutes to allow the mind to calm down. In addition, moderate-intensity physical activity a day can also help restore normal adrenal function. Taking 50 mg per day of vitamin B5 and 500 mg of vitamin C can also help.