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Men shaving Act Fast

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Beard with respect to many hard skin, and to make shaving easier shaving over said friction not to hurt the skin, the shaving preparation is very important before. 1 minute attaining a hot towel: Hot to soften the beard and let pores, making it easy to shave the beard. 1 minute Tu shaving foam: You can use push shaving foam products, thus eliminating the need to manually play time foam, shaving foam and soften the fibrous role of lubrication. With the preparatory work before, when carried on even smoother shave it. First scrape along the direction of beard growth, can shave most beards, can also reduce skin irritation, then again against the direction of beard growth repeated scraping once. With a soft towel to gently dry the skin and excess foam. Calm, soothe the skin. Use both hands to pat the aftershave way to paint just shaving skin. Aftershave skin soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.