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Beverages efficacy

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Milk has enhanced the role of human power, whey protein and casein it contains (they have all the essential amino acids) helps muscle growth. Grapefruit juice has been shown to have the benefits of weight loss, eating half a grapefruit at every meal and drink grapefruit juice than weight loss alone better. Before running drinking tart cherry juice can muscle pain after running to a minimum. Immediately after the workout drinking tart cherry juice also helps muscle recovery. Chamomile can let loose into a deep sleep, in addition to the warm milk is also a sedative. Fat and protein contained in the yogurt can reduce burning sensation of spicy foods, and nonfat dairy products do not have such effect. A small amount of baking soda into a glass of water evenly mixed drink, can ease flatulence and bloating. Probiotic drinks can also reduce flatulence.