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The easiest way to treat a sore throat

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Autumn is the high incidence of sore throat, a variety of causes and diverse, the vast majority of people is a cold or sore throat, tonsillitis and other diseases caused by, generally two to three days to heal. When the throat very uncomfortable, how can quickly eliminate the symptoms? Kumquat nutrient rich, containing vitamin A, B1, B2, C and calcium, to eliminate the role of inflammation in the throat. Pears have throat, can relieve a sore throat symptoms. A pear sliced juice, more easy entrance, cold or easy to diarrhea of children, the best drink warm pear juice. Because Green Tea cool, with Shengjinzhike, heat clearing and detoxifying effect. Ordinary sore throat are generally those cause colds and influenza virus caused by. And the virus caused by a throat infection generally will not last too long time, also won’t cause a high fever. And other types of virus infection, can not use antibiotics, after a period of time will naturally good. But if a few days later the throat pain is still not improved, and with the symptoms of fever, that whatever the cause of a sore throat will need medical treatment. Once the tonsil inflammation, sore throat will appear red and swollen, pain significantly, especially during swallowing pain especially. Children suffering from tonsillitis, sore throat is severe occur due to fear eating phenomenon. Open your mouth and check the throat, can clearly see the amygdala is white, gray or yellowish covering things. In addition, tonsillitis and fever, ear pain, hoarseness, difficulty in breathing, body fatigue, vomiting, swollen lymph nodes on both sides of some symptoms of throat.