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Correct understanding of the hair dye

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Experts believe that the greatest damage to human hair dyes usually Benzene and heavy metal salts, especially the most abundant black hair dye. Benzene usually refers to p-phenylenediamine, with a certain degree of toxicity, after heating, into the capillaries through the contact with the scalp, with the blood circulation to reach the bone marrow, such as long-term repeated acts on hematopoietic stem cells, can cause leukemia. In addition, p-phenylenediamine also easy to induce skin cancer, bladder cancer and other diseases. The heavy metal salts into the human body, it is difficult excreted, accumulate in the body, causing poisoning, people dizziness, headache, malaise, fatigue, numbness and other symptoms, and may enter the liver and kidney and brain damage these organs. Hair 48 hours ago in skin sensitivity tests. Dropping method is a hair dye on the inner wrist and wait for natural drying. If redness, itching, you can not use the product, and as soon as possible to the dermatology clinic. If the hair during scalp hair were mild adverse reactions, you should immediately remove the hair dye. Do not scratch the scalp hair. Do not do the week before baking oil hair care, and wash hair the day before, one scalp sebum on the scalp has a protective effect, while the second is clean to avoid accidentally scratched during shampooing. Hair should be at the front hairline, ears rubbing lotion, hair dye stains to prevent skin damage. When the hair, it is best not to put hair covered or wrapped up, be sure to let the hair spread freedom.