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Choose their own toothpaste

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The best choice of fluoride toothpaste. Experiments show that, every day with fluoride toothpaste brushing two times, risk of dental caries decreased 40%. In the Peking University Stomatological Hospital prevention department director Wang Weijian view, the dental health of the people, fluoride toothpaste is not the inevitable choice, youth and the elderly can use, but should be used with caution in preschool children, and parents need to help, to avoid accidentally swallow toothpaste, long the past may be caused by excessive intake of fluoride. Toothpaste is composed of a variety of organic and inorganic compounds, including friction agent, foaming agent, adhesive, washing moisturizing agents, sweeteners, flavoring agent etc.. Among them, the friction agent is the main body of the toothpaste composition. In recent years, the toothpaste also added some Chinese herbal medicine, made into a variety of drug toothpaste. But you need not worry, all the ingredients are safe. It is the main component of toothpaste are friction agent, therefore its basic function is to clean the mouth, whitening, desensitization, bleeding and other effects are complementary. Whitening toothpaste friction agent particle shape is special, more conducive to the removal of teeth stubborn stains, so to a certain extent, can achieve the effect of teeth whitening. But Wang Weijian pointed out that the toothpaste is only limited to the removal of teeth of exogenous spots, such as the long drink coffee, tea and smoking on the teeth of the “pollution” of tetracycline stained teeth, dental fluorosis, etc. due to the abnormal development of the teeth caused by endogenous no effects deep stain.