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Men how to protect their liver

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Nutritionists tell us that the human body needs protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals and other nutrients in five categories, it is also necessary for the liver. However, the liver protein, carbohydrates and vitamins demand more, and there is danger of causing excessive fat fatty liver, must be appropriately limited. Hawthorn contains ursolic acid, can reduce animal fat deposited in the vessel wall, there is a certain role to prevent or reduce atherosclerosis. As usually eat fresh hawthorn, hawthorn soaked with a dry drink, or join Hawthorn, when both seasoned stew, and help digestion. Eat walnuts, pistachio nuts, to liver qi, relieve anxiety. Drink plenty of water. To keep fresh drinking water, 3 to 4 times a day, each a small bowl. Boiled water to increase blood circulation, enhance cell viability liver, is conducive to the exclusion of metabolic waste and hepatoprotective effect of receipt. When the body is supine sleep, the liver can enjoy more blood watered, plus the body is at rest, the lightest burden on the liver, so the high-quality sleep Liver significant effect. Conversely, poor sleep quality, in particular sleep disorders, involving liver function easily. Medical experts have noted, called sleep apnea syndrome, sleep disorders can cause liver damage. Liver actively engaged in physical exercise is another effective method because excessive exercise can reduce body weight and prevent obesity, eliminate excessive fat on the liver damage, but also to promote gas exchange, accelerate blood circulation, protect the liver can get more oxygen and nutrients.