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Proper brushing posture

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Brushing techniques: brushing technique should hold the toothbrush penned strength to be gentle, “like the same racket grip the brush, toothbrush sufficiently sophisticated motion control, easy to use too much force, some people so long, the hand on the same side of the brush severe tooth wear. second myth is brushing focus “care” chewing and biting food most teeth, those positions for a few deep even a toothbrush. actually, scrub teeth clean food on the role of professional testing found often cutting teeth to chew the food is the most clean, but not often used because of stained teeth and most in need of clean food residues. advocate vertical brush method, in principle, because the brush sideways may cause carious cervical lesions, “Japanese also said to be friendly to the horizontal brush, but must be authored by the formula approach, the amplitude of lateral movement of the toothbrush and not more than two tooth width, so that the teeth will not cause damage. “Brushing oral specialist has specialized training, let you use a special dye pink mouth, let your own brush, mirror you will find a lot of pink spots are still stuck in the teeth, then your doctor will teach you correct brush method until all the dye brush clean.