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Analysis of Soybean Nutrition

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Beans, red beans, kidney beans and other legumes, starch content more, its nutritional composition, more of our daily eating rice and other staples. Nutritional stress with the thickness, grains and beans should become part of our table. Good soak the beans a day in advance, porridge or cooking time plus point is very good to eat. While soybeans body, then have a lot of meat, “character.” Dry beans in the protein content of more than 30%, and the same protein and meat, but also high-quality protein, help the body’s digestion and absorption and utilization. In addition, beans are contained in unsaturated fat, but also to make up too much saturated fat in meat shortcomings. Beans and soy products also contain dietary fiber, promote brain development phospholipids, can ease the symptoms of menopause and soy isoflavones rich in B vitamins. In addition to outside soy milk, calcium is also very high — remove calcium, halogen and other processing methods point itself contains beans, soy products also contributed to the calcium. 100 ml of milk contains 100 mg of calcium, and 100 g soybeans reached 191 mg of calcium, 100 Kernan tofu, North tofu, tofu silk, and calcium were 116,138,204 mg. Know beans these little-known benefits, starting today, every day at the table plus road tofu dish it!