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These foods are the body’s scavenger

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Kelp is known as “sea vegetables,” said that it contains carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, protein, etc., and contains a lot of iodine, known as “iodine warehouse.” Professor Law, Wuhan University recently found that extracts of kelp seaweed polysaccharides can inhibit immune cell apoptosis, immune function and thus the radiation-induced damage to the protective effect. This natural anti-radiation kelp food applications, radiation therapy of cancer patients will bring the gospel. According to modern scientific testing found that the protein content of millet grains higher, especially among higher levels of tryptophan (202 mg / 100 g). Milk is one of people’s favorite foods. It was also recently discovered that milk is a good food drive lead. On the one hand is the milk is rich in calcium, and calcium and phosphorus can be reduced in proportion to the body lead burden. Chinese food is generally not deficiency, the relative lack of single calcium, calcium supplements can reduce the proper absorption of lead. Second, the protein contained in milk can be combined with a soluble lead compound in vivo, can promote the excretion of lead. Garlic is a favorite food. It can not only taste, but also disease prevention and fitness, is often hailed as a “natural antibiotic.” As we all know, long-term consumption of salted, smoked products is an important risk factor for gastrointestinal cancer. These foods have higher amounts of nitrate and nitrite, with the meat of the secondary amine synthesis of nitrosamines, which is the direct cause of nitrosamines gastric cancer. Nitrosamines garlic significantly inhibited the synthesis, therefore, eat garlic can prevent gastrointestinal cancer. Black fungus can soften blood vessels, reducing blood viscosity, prevent arteriosclerosis and hypertension. Cadmium pollution in modern society are also common, such as scrap metal cadmium batteries, smoking a pack of cigarettes increased by 2-4 micrograms of cadmium …… chronic cadmium poisoning can cause human kidney damage, or cause bone disease. The black fungus contains plant gum, can absorb cadmium into the body through the digestive tract to be excreted.