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Can prevent heart disease food

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Removal of artery clogging cholesterol try every day, eat more whole grains! Because of its rich can reduce cholesterol oat beta glucose, especially effective for the prevention of heart disease. Theory is canned or fresh fish rich in fish, such as wild salmon, rich in OMEGA-3 fatty acids, these ingredients can effectively stabilize the heart, lower blood pressure, curb cardiovascular inflammation, reducing the risk of heart attack. Experts recommend eating a diet rich in fish oil of fish a week 2~7 times. Walnuts contain large amounts of plant sterols, this ingredient can reduce the intestinal absorption of cholesterol; walnut also contain can prevent thrombosis of Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, cellulose, potassium and protein. In order to heart health, please 5 times a week to eat walnuts, almonds, pistachios or cashew big. Containing a large amount of polyphenols, unsaturated fat and vitamin E. Polyphenol is a kind of can prevent the body of harmful cholesterol oxidation and hurt the heart of antioxidants. Therefore, olive oil is cooking, salad preferred edible oil. If possible, the best choice of contains more polyphenols of extra virgin olive oil. Containing magnesium ion and folic acid. Magnesium ion can help lower blood pressure, reduce the body “the concentration of folic acid can reduce homocysteine”, and homocysteine is an amino acid will increase the risk of heart attack. The study also found that, of these constituents in the dark in a particularly rich beans, black beans, red beans Please add your recipes!