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Summer beware of blowing out the joint disease

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Summer hot weather, air conditioning use frequently. Long-term work in air-conditioned room to learn, easy to cause the sweat glands shut down, affecting normal metabolism and secretion; sedentary for a long time can cause imbalance neck movement, so that the neck muscles, nerves, spinal cord, vascular involvement, over time it will cause localized cervical disease, ranging from stiff neck, stiff, painful, heavy shoulder and back, upper limb weakness, numbness of the fingers, heavy headache, dizziness, vision loss, nausea and other abnormal sensation. Experts advise, should be avoided especially air conditioning fan blowing directly neck, causing wind cold dampness evil caused cervical hyperplasia. Prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis, should pay attention to rest and protect joint function. Do not prolonged standing, climb the ladder and hold bad posture, posture according to the severity, nor a protection method, when severe hip, waist, knee, ankle, neck and ankle joint lesions should crutches or held cane to walk.