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The reason beer belly man

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Some people say, “beer belly” from excess nutrients, it was said to be caused by nutritional imbalance. New research by the Medical Association showed that “beer belly” and the male genes related to fat men mostly stored in the abdomen. Of course, different for each man’s genes, triggering the possibility of a “beer belly” is also different. In general, young people have a “beer belly”, often because of excess nutrients; For middle-aged people, the sleep quality is the main reason. With age, men of deep sleep stages reduced due to the poor quality of sleep, hormone secretion will be reduced, the lack of hormones and increased body fat accumulation in the abdomen, but the older the more obvious influence. In addition, many middle-aged man sitting in the office for a long time, lack of exercise, likely to cause abdominal fat accumulation. In work under pressure, many people will overeating, leading to indigestion, which could easily lead to overweight. Some people think, “Laugh and grow fat,” fat is carefree performance. Most men after marriage, body fat quickly. Waist and abdominal obesity, the shape of apples, small arms spindly legs belly, also known as abdominal obesity, to heart-shaped obese male obesity, visceral obesity, such a person fat deposition in the abdomen mainly subcutaneous and abdominal cavity. Obesity (waist circumference greater than the hip, especially “apple-shaped” obesity) are prone to insulin resistance. This fat cells increase in size, the relative reduction in the receptor, the decreased insulin sensitivity. Apple shaped people saving too much visceral fat (ie, apple-shaped obesity), it will cause excess fat, applied to store fat in the meal, there is no place, so that the overflow of fat into the bloodstream, prone to fat in high school illness. Also visceral obesity will accelerate the process of atherosclerosis.