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Yoga can alleviate insomnia

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Bedtime yoga is for our bedtime to practice yoga, yoga before going to bed a lot of benefits, adhere to the our bedtime yoga practice can not only treat insomnia, also has a very good role to alleviate our physical and mental fatigue.
The 1 leg, left leg bent forward, right leg straight back, knee bending. 2 inhale, the left hand upward natural stretch. Let us try to exhale and bend backwards in the trunk. Visual front, chin slightly closed, the right hand on the lower leg. Reduce the thigh root, waist fat, prevent sagging breasts, hips, enhance the strength of the side of the waist, flexible spine, promote blood circulation. Finish the action you can enjoy sleeping. 3 feet apart, right leg stretched forward, front foot point. Center of gravity falls on the left leg. 4 inhale, hands on head palms, chin slightly closed. Exhale, bend back to the body. Legs, buttocks tightened. 5 to maintain 3~5 times breathing, body restore, to reverse the direction of practice. Reduce neck fine lines, expand the chest, reduce the arm, back, waist fat, shape the hip curve.aipxtk.net_2016021801