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Eat oatmeal can lose weight

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Per 100 grams of oats containing 9 grams of dietary fiber, is very effective for the sharp rise in postprandial blood glucose control and prevention of diabetes mellitus. Dietary fiber can lead to prolonged stay of food in the stomach, delayed intestinal digestion and absorption of starch; dietary fiber soluble clay formation in the intestine, food parcels, prevent intestinal absorption of starch, the postprandial blood glucose rise slowed down, the rational use of insulin has been, to control blood sugar regulation and the effectiveness of the prevention of diabetes. Trace element chromium involved in glucose metabolism in vivo in diabetes had better control effect. Not only such, oatmeal high fiber content, strong water absorption, water absorption expansion, the volume increases, and prolong the retention time of food in the stomach, have a sense of satiety, can eat less, and oats resistant hunger, laxative, therefore have a slimming effect, for the human body on environmental protection. Long term increase the intake of dietary fiber, can also play a slippery bowel, aperient, eliminate poison effect. Oat of vitamin E, linolenic acid, copper, zinc, selenium, magnesium can remove excess free radicals, in vivo anti aging; oats containing melatonin, it can get rid of spots, make the skin white and greasy, and improve the role of sleep, rest, the spirit of cool.