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How to correctly treat the run to lose weight

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Burn a lot of calories will produce a sense of hunger, but be cautious in the face of this kind of feeling. The choice of junk food to fill the hunger completely is putting the cart before the horse, not long after you’re hungry signal. After running feeding to ensure that the nutrition of the food, the heat can not be more than 150 card. If the movement before dinner, after running can be appropriate to eat, so Xiaobian recommended if you want to eat, preferably in motion before. If long-term persist in running still can not see the ideal effect, can change the running plan. Calories once a week for 45 minutes of running and jogging 20 minutes several times a week in the consumption cannot lose weight. Want to lose a pound a week at least, must every day through different exercise and diet control consumption at least 500 calories. If running in order to lose weight, at least to arrange for a Wednesday to four times the jogging trip, the remaining time with other fat burning exercise more effective. After you run, that has consumed at least 500 calories, but please look at the following reference number, 68 kilograms of girls after jogging for 45 minutes total consume 495 calories, if you don’t run faster than this figure long or fast, then each time you run the consumed calories are not up to standard. The best way is to always detect the motion state of their own, can match the phone APP tracking. If you used the same running mode and route, the body will have a fixed pattern, the inertia will enter the weight retention period. But the mixed running can solve this kind of problem, make adjustments to the speed, height, pace, and even site changes can allow the body to keep strengthening and motion, accelerate the metabolism of the body.