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Healthy drinking tips

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Water is hidden in the body, to maintain our health, but its importance is often forgotten. Many people do not know, about 70% of the adult body weight, the brain, lungs, heart 80%, plasma 92%, oxygen, nutrients and so on need to be transported to the body throughout the body with the help of water. However, our research published “China water and quality of life survey report” shows that 95.3% of people will not drink water, 65.9% of people do not drink water until thirsty, only less than 5% of the people have a good habit of regular drinking water regularly. Sedentary, often stay up late, large amount of exercise and other people are more likely to water shortage. Scientific drinking water can improve the three core functions of the human body. First, metabolic function, adequate water is conducive to the timely discharge of metabolic products, accelerate the blood circulation, while the lack of water and other bad habits, easy to increase the risk of obesity, nephritis and other chronic diseases. Two is immune function, do not love to drink water is one of the reasons for the decline in immunity. Full drinking water can keep the respiratory tract moist, so that the influenza virus can not be rapidly propagated, enhance immunity. Three is the antioxidant function, sufficient moisture to help improve the body’s antioxidant function, remove free radicals. Water shortage is also far more than just feeling thirsty so simple, may hurt you from head to toe. In the brain, for example, the water is too small, the reaction rate of people becomes slower, more likely to fatigue. The study, published in the Journal of human brain research, found that long-term or severe water shortages could lead to brain atrophy and cognitive impairment in young people. Water shortage will increase the risk of constipation, urinary tract infections, skin diseases and other diseases.