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What wound can not be used Band-Aid

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Small and deep wounds are not attached, as a Band-Aid relatively poor absorption and permeability, is not conducive to the wound exudates and pus discharge. Tends to cause or aggravate the growth and reproduction of bacteria infection. Especially when compared to susceptible anaerobic bacteria such as Clostridium tetani. For dog bites, cat scratches, snake bites, poisonous insect stings or bites and other wounds caused by animal song, avoid using the Band-Aid, in order to avoid the accumulation or spread venom and bacteria in the wound. Should be in the first time, with water, cold tea, mineral water, saline, 2% soapy water, even urine, repeatedly wash the wound more than 15 minutes. Because the Band-Aid absorbency and breathability are poor, is not conducive to absorption and drainage of pus, but is conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria. Some wounds serious pollution, and even infection has occurred, or burn, burn wounds and skin abrasions larger wounds, can not use the Band-Aid to cover the wound, otherwise it will cause or aggravate infections. In general, if only minor skin abrasions, no need to use Band-Aid, painted about as long as iodine or alcohol, can prevent infection.