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Diabetes often diarrhea can add vitamin B

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Ms. Yi, aged 39, suffering from diabetes for five years, recently frequent diarrhea, first thought was to get sick, a lot of the available anti-inflammatory diarrhea medicine, does not see better, to the hospital for tests such as colonoscopy, did not find problems. The doctor asked in detail about the history and found her blood glucose control myself very satisfactory, after diarrhea diagnosed diabetic patients with neuropathy is caused. People with diarrhea or sugar diabetes mellitus neuropathy
Diabetes experts explained that there are many complications of diabetes, there are many cases of diarrhea friends will appear with diabetes, for people without diabetes, the diarrhea may not be serious, but diabetics have to attract attention.
High incidence of diarrhea in the summer, many diabetic patients have diarrhea that is gastrointestinal problems, the gastroenterology clinic, or self-medication trouble, often therefore delay the disease. Actually, the reason a lot of diarrhea, in addition to intestinal infectious diseases can cause diarrhea, diabetes can also cause non-infectious diarrhea. According to clinical statistics, more than 60% of diabetic neuropathy are merged, of which 2/3 will be diarrhea, constipation and other gastrointestinal symptoms.
Experts point out that diabetic patients with neuropathy caused by the onset of diarrhea was intractable diarrhea, intermittent, day and night can occur, onset time for a few days to several weeks, during which can be several weeks to several months intermittent period, mostly watery stool or loose stools, abdominal pain without obvious symptoms of fever and sometimes alternating diarrhea and constipation, patients can be accompanied by polydipsia, polyphagia, polyuria, weight loss and other symptoms of diabetes.
Diarrhea caused by diabetes is a form of autonomic neuropathy, because diabetes is not treated or poorly controlled blood sugar, high blood sugar caused long-term damage autonomic function, which in turn cause gastrointestinal motility dysfunction, bowel disorders, intestinal bacteria reproductive abnormalities, poor digestion and absorption, thus diarrhea.
Diabetes Diarrhea can also add vitamin B
If diabetic diarrhea, constipation or diarrhea alternating with constipation occurs, it may be diabetes, gastrointestinal lesions, and islet cell injury, pancreatic exocrine function often with varying degrees of disorder, caused by fat malabsorption.
At this time, in addition to strengthening the monitoring of blood glucose, timely adjustment of antidiabetic drugs, but also supplement B vitamins, to improve autonomic function. Mild symptoms, oral vitamin B complex or eating foods rich in vitamin B, such as beef, barley and other serious symptoms, and can be injected, two weeks for a course, generally 1 to 2 treatments, the disease can get control.
Note that, diabetic diarrhea is often chronic diarrhea, accompanied by autonomic dysfunction in patients with diabetes can occur, usually in diabetic patients might therefore eat more foods rich in B vitamins.