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Improve neurasthenia

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Insomnia, neurasthenia is one of the most common diseases. Neurasthenia patients often have headaches, dizziness, insomnia, give people a greater impact on mental health. So, how to cure neurasthenia routine methods do expert tips, watch a brief introduction below?:
(A) proper understanding of their own: how to prevent neurasthenia first to their own physical fitness, knowledge, skills, social adaptation, etc. have self-knowledge, try to avoid doing things beyond the capacity, or refrain from engaging in is not suitable for their physical and mental activity. Ambitious, dreams, unfounded, and scheming to fame and status are bad.
(B) Training open-minded and cheerful character: failing sake from the event, right from wrong. Such as when dealing with interpersonal relationships, promote self-discipline, tolerant of others, mutual understanding, considerate, is one of the effective ways to prevent interpersonal tensions. In dealing with family relationships, relationships with colleagues, when the neighborhood or on the superior-subordinate relationship, especially in the case.
(C) good at self-regulation, with Zhang relaxation: How to prevent a nervous breakdown for the job too nervous. Too busy, or too heavy burden on students and people who live a lot of pressure, have the necessary self-regulation, reasonable arrangements for work, study and relationship life, so Zhang relaxation, rest, doing so can improve efficiency.