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Tea can prevent osteoporosis

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Drank two to three cups of tea a day person than the probability of occurrence of hip fractures do not drink tea reduced by 37%. The researchers analyzed the research on diet and hip fractures had 14, nearly 20 million people analyze data showed that tea drinkers less prone to hip fractures. Drink one to two cups a day can cut 28 percent chance of two to three cups is 37 percent, three to four cups was reduced to 21%. It is not clear why tea is good for the human bones, but it may be one of phytochemicals can promote bone newborn. Tea fluoride, calcium and other minerals may bone density becomes large, increasing its hardness. Osteoporosis is a degenerative disease of the elderly, with the progress of the aging population, there will be more and more of the elderly suffer from osteoporosis. According to statistics, 60-70 years of age or older in about one-third have osteoporosis, 80 years of age or older, more than half have osteoporosis. While there are a variety of bone strengthening drug, but osteoporosis is quietly eating away the bones in the elderly. Tea contains more flavonoids, can accelerate bone formation, slow down existing bone erosion. Professor Terence O’Neill National Osteoporosis Society reminder, tea may follow a certain way of life, thus affecting the results. Hence also the need for further studies to verify whether it is really beneficial tea bone health.