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Reasons for snoring

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Snoring is a narrowing of the airways caused by vibration generated by high speed air flow, then factor in causing airway stenosis is the cause of snoring.

1, nasal reasons: deviated septum, nasal polyps, turbinate hypertrophy, nasal congestion and hypertrophy, chronic rhinitis.

2, throat reasons: increased tonsil and adenoid hypertrophy, uvula, soft palate mast falls, tongue hypertrophy.

3, congenital anatomical malformations: Mandibular malformations (such as micrognathia), after reduction, etc. mandible.

4, functional reasons: normal airway awake during the day, around the airway during sleep to reduce muscle tension, combined supine tongue after the fall, causing the airways to narrow the emergence of snoring.

To alleviate snoring, weight loss is a very effective way. In addition, smoking and drinking will exacerbate snoring, so I want to quit snoring, first quit drinking.

To relieve the symptoms of sleep apnea, side is a good way, and it is for people who snore quite simple effects. Because when supine, gravity will cause the base of the tongue and the posterior pharyngeal collapse fall, causing upper airway obstruction, and can reduce the side is relatively happening.

Select a suitable pillow is also very important. High pillow will make your airways collapsed. Low pillow can make the head too much back, chin raised, causing the tongue to fall. Too soft pillows will make you no support in the lateral neck, too distorted outwards, resulting in poor airway. In summary, moderate height, medium rigid little pillow is best.

For a long time to maintain a poor posture or repetitive motion caused by muscle fatigue, but also lead to a cause cramps. Also do not adequately before exercise to warm up the muscles of the sudden contraction or can not adapt to sudden temperature changes can also cause muscle cramps.