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Walnuts can prevent dry skin

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After the cold weather is always a lot of people’s skin, especially dry, rub a lot of moisturizing products will not work, not only the body itching, peeling hands always. To solve the problem of dry skin, you can eat some of the unsaturated fatty acids, protein or vitamin C foods. Unsaturated fatty acids in sesame seeds, walnuts and other foods more content. Secretion of the sebaceous glands in the body fat, the main component of unsaturated fatty acids, so eating these foods can promote oil secretion. Representatives of protein-containing foods are soybeans and soy products. Protein is a component of the skin, eat these foods can promote metabolism, play a role in skin repair. Vitamin C in the kiwi and other fruits with higher levels, it can promote the synthesis of the skin is an important ingredient — collagen, can make the skin more moist and elastic.