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Prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases in winter

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When the body is cold, respiratory vasoconstriction, reducing blood supply, decreased local resistance, the virus easily penetrated. Keep indoor air fresh. Fresh air to remove excess moisture and the dilution of indoor pollutants. Should be timed window ventilation to keep air circulation; let sunlight shines into the room, because the sun’s ultraviolet rays has a bactericidal effect; also used vinegar fumigation room, play disinfection. Appropriate increase in moisture and vitamin intake. Note that some more to add higher value fish, meat, eggs, milk and other nutritious foods, and enhance the body immune function; eat foods rich in vitamin c fresh fruits and vegetables, can neutralize toxins, improve disease resistance; winter dry climate, high levels of airborne dust, human nasal easily damaged, should pay attention to drink plenty of water, so that the nasal mucosa moist, can effectively resist the invasion of the virus, but also help the body excrete toxins, purify the environment. Ensure adequate sleep. Life is not easy to make the law of the immune system weakened; adequate sleep can eliminate fatigue, regulate various body functions, enhance immunity. Exercise can enhance blood circulation, improve immunity. Morning fog, but not because of the fog only contains a lot of harmful substances, and the more water vapor will affect human pulmonary gas exchange. Pay attention to wash their hands, gargle, do not touch the face, eyes, mouth and other parts with dirty hands. Raise public knowledge of nutrition