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Rope skipping ten minutes effect equal to jog for half an hour

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Skipping the length of time varies. If it is a continuous fast-paced jump rope, preferably not more than 10 minutes, otherwise the heart will be overwhelmed. If it is a short hop break for a while, then every 30 minutes is appropriate. Based on individual physical exercise as well as the specific requirements may be. Do not force yourself to what standards must.
Skipping is a large amount of movement of outdoor activities to practice before the body parts must be good preparation activities, especially the ankle, wrist and shoulder, elbow activities must be open.
At the beginning of a slow, stick with the growth of time, you can gradually increase the speed jump rope. Slow to keep the average hop 60-70 times per minute; faster speed to maintain the average 140-160 times per minute.
Winter outdoors skipping inevitably sweating, when a halt, should be promptly put on his coat. Skipping is not just child’s play, or a good way to fitness. Fitness enthusiasts can according to their own schedule and workout time, to participate in the collective, in which people experience the fun of jumping rope.
From the exercise, continuous rope for 10 minutes, with 30 minutes of jogging or dancing fitness dance 20 minutes is almost the same, can be described as one kind of consuming less energy consumption and strength training. Skipping can promote blood circulation, protect the heart and improve lung capacity; also promote youth development, physical fitness, develop intelligence, wholesome.