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Men’s skin care tips

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Stay up late, smoking, diet, may lead to endocrine disorders of the body, the skin is also affected by the. People who often smoke face bleak; people who stay up all night looking Fanqing black rim of the eye, obviously; socialize too much skin and shiny; and irregular diet can cause acne. Male skin oily, pH value is about 4.5~6.0, due to hormonal activity too frequently to stimulate sebum secretion, so are more grease and sweat secretion. When the secretions are not strong and timely cleaning, grooming and plug the pores, acne on the skin will emerge. And if the long acne without timely treatment, it is very likely because the cell necrosis and leave permanent scars men than women suffer greater pressure. Mental stress may lead to the endocrine system disorders, lasting psychosomatic dysfunction. That loose dry skin, loss of luster, color was ill shaped, a phenomenon known as “messy skin syndrome”, it will accelerate the skin aging, prevent skin fitness. The male is like outdoor sports, outdoor golf, football, basketball, swimming and other sports, make the skin long time exposure in the sun, the sun will cause damage to the skin, such as sunburn, sunburn, but also accelerated skin aging.