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How to exercise fitness to prevent chronic disease

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Push ups is mainly exercise our pectoralis major, whether male or female friend, can do push ups. Push ups at home anywhere can do, whether it is the living room or dining area, as long as you find the two single stool, both sides each put a, with both hands for support, leaned in, 12 as a group, to do three groups. Remember doing push ups, to try to stretch the chest, abdomen and chest, the chest muscle fullness. In addition, the movement also has a correction. Put a single stool on the ground at home, sitting above, rely on the strength of abdominal lift legs, and the legs crossed up. In order to reduce the excess abdominal fat, abdominal muscles, perfect, perfect. Each lift 15, three group, the middle can rest, but not too long. With two not open the mineral water bottle as a dumbbell, parallel to the lift, but remember to do when the upper arm close to the trunk, fixed with the strength of two muscle contraction of two muscle, in order to increase the strength of the hand. 15 a group, do three groups. Select a wall at home, walking the wall and depend on the strength in your legs slowly squat, hand it is best to take a small object, squat and also can make the leg exercise, but also to eliminate excess fat legs, makes the shape of the legs is also more attractive. 15 a group, do three groups. Leaning over the boat can exercise our back, not only can increase the strength of the back, but also effectively reduce back fat, so that we get more beautiful back line. At home to find a space, after standing with two bottles of mineral water, like a dumbbell like, knee slightly bent, collapse waist, chest and buttocks, relying on back and force the mineral water with a hand to lift up and shoulder adduction. 12 a group, do three groups.