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Swimming improper easily injured shoulder joint

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Swimming is not only a good way to cool off, more conducive to good health. But swimming is also the highest frequency of use of shoulder movement, shoulder structure is very complex, in simple terms, it is the multi-axis ball and socket joint, glenohumeral joint by the humeral head and glenoid composed of large and scapular humeral head shallow nest, surrounded by joint capsule restrictions relatively weak, so the shoulder is the largest human activity, most flexible joints. It is because of the activity of the shoulder joint is large, so it is more susceptible than other joint arthropathy. Swimming frequency is too high, the strength is too large, do not fully prepared to movement or improper operation, may lead to “swim shoulder” early treatment time should be found earlier, treatment sooner, the better effect. Blindly hold back the pain, insist on swimming, will only make the disease worse. If you delay treatment, may cause severe muscle atrophy, affecting sleep. If we left unchecked, may lead to a late shoulder important tendon rupture or dislocation, severely affect daily function and life. Many people in the event of joint discomfort or pain will often depend non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or use ice packs, in fact, these measures alone can control inflammation, does not fundamentally solve the problem on. Treatment “swimming shoulder” first to stop all activities or training-induced pain, if the pain is severe, a physician should be promptly please determine whether the use of subacromial Bureau seal treatment until pain relief or inflammation subsided, preferably under the guidance of the hand gradually do some recovery training, and do not rush to swim. Within three months to avoid lifting heavy objects or rock climbing and other sports.