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Soda can not relieve stomach pain

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soda is an aqueous solution of sodium bicarbonate, weakly alkaline. Currently soda on the market can be divided into natural and synthetic soda soda drinks. Natural soda, except itself contains sodium bicarbonate, but also contains many trace elements, but the resources are relatively scarce, most are synthetic soda water with pure sodium bicarbonate, and added sweeteners and other food additives. Because soda weakly alkaline, gastric acid hypersecretion people moderate drinking can neutralize stomach acid, protect the stomach. In addition, soda alkaline urine also helps promote the excretion of uric acid in the body, so there is hyperuricemia, gout, drinking soda has some benefits. But some people are not fit to drink soda, one gastric acid secretion itself too few patients with gastritis, if these people blindly drink soda, may cause stomach upset and stomach hurt. In addition, because a certain amount of soda, sodium, so people with kidney disease in patients with hypertension, and some people should be careful to drink soda, even healthy people should not be long-term heavy drinking soda, otherwise easily lead to excessive sodium in the diet. Do not recommend their own home-made soda, because soda is not good grasp of the amount, if the concentration is high, will harm the digestive tract.